Wrapping Up 2017, Looking To 2018

It’s been a seriously amazing year at Podcast Detroit, and we wanted to take a moment to think back on all that’s happened, what we’ve done, things our shows have pulled together, and then what’s on tap for 2018…

In January, Shot of History took to the road and kicked off our con season at the Clash of Ages convention in Birch Run.
New show debuts: In The Box, Can We Talk?, Security Jabber, The Returning Citizen,

In February, those same crazy folks had their 1 year anniversary party at Old Shillelagh, while Detroit Beer Press went live from Batch Brewing, and we had our first con setup as the network for the year at Great Lakes Comic Con.
New Show debuts: V to V, The Future Favors Us

March saw us venturing south across state lines as we setup shop at Fantasticon Toledo for a great time with both old and newly made friends.
New Show debuts: Project D.A.D., Heard!, Keynotes Radio, Talk Juicy, Unsung Heroes, Business & Pleasure

In April, we celebrated with Falling Down Beer Company for their 4th anniversary party with another bunch of shows going live and having a great time.

We also took over Penguicon at the end of the month with a few panels about podcasting, podcast networks, and of course our now annually traditional 80s party with a severely overstocked bar and a ridiculous number of people coming through the doors to party with us.
New Show debuts: Unapologetic with Stacie Smith, Mike Geeter Deals With It

In May, the ladies of The Nooner Show setup shop at the Detroit Music Awards, IT in the D hit the MMC/MCRcon to talk security with some of the smartest people in the world, participated in a panel discussion at Detroit Startup week about podcasting, and headed over for our annual setup at Motor City Comic Con, where a great time was had by all.
New Show debuts: American Whiner, Crazy Ex-Girlfriends, B b4 A

June saw the return of our Metro Detroit Podcaster Meetups

New Show debuts: The Why and the Buy, Motor City Geek

July New Show Debuts: Veteran’s Vindication, Designated Drivers, The Generation Gap, 2 Divas and a Margarita, Culture Vultures

In August, we opened up our Southwest Detroit studio, as well as the 4th studio in our Royal Oak location, and also added video capabilities into all of our studios.
New Show debuts: Beer Tour Guy, The Set Piece, A Plumbus Among Us, The Think Big Movement

September saw us once again venturing down south into Ohio for the Podcast Power Conference
New Show debuts: The STU: Sports Talk Unlimited, Arc Junkies, Bras Bitches & Balls, Draught for Upside, Animal Talk, Knockouts and 3 Counts

October had another Podcaster Meetup, and we launched Free Podcast Day to help people get involved with podcasting in general, as well as getting their voices and stories heard.
New Show debuts: I Hate Dating!, The Rant, Three DMs, Retro Detroit Nerd Fighters

In November, the Man Cave Happy Hour debuted with two live remote broadcasts, and we went live from Jennifer Hammond’s All Star Celebrity Charity event.
New Show debuts: Detroit’s Back, Diary of a Fly Fit Mommy, Man Cave Happy Hour

December has been a crazy month in general, as always.  We announced our investment in Falling Down Beer Company, solidifying the relationship that’s spanned years, and started nailing down plans for 2018
New Show debuts: Stirring the Pot, Punk Wisdom, Refrigerator Diaries, First Amendment, Right on 14th, The Traincast

47 new shows added, 26 live remotes from conventions and bars around the region, and we now have more than FOUR THOUSAND EPISODES of shows posted and available online, folks.  Given our average show length, that means that there’s more than 7,000 hours of content for you to listen to in the Podcast Detroit archives on Soundcloud, our site, in our app, or wherever you find podcasts these days.

A huge thank you to all of the shows on the network for choosing us as the place to give life to your thoughts and ideas.  We sincerely appreciate each and every one of you, and love the exhilarated looks on your faces during and after your shows.  It makes the bumps in the road so much easier to deal with knowing that we’re giving people a platform that they enjoy.

We’re very much looking forward to 2018, as we hope you are as well.  We’re kicking off live remotes early this year with back to back events on January 6th and 7th, and we’ve got a whole calendar full of cons, events, appearances, and more already scheduled.  We’re also looking at as many as four new studio locations opening up in cities throughout Michigan in early to mid 2018, so keep an eye out for announcements as we figure out how to handle the logistics of making things work out best for all involved parties.