Why Podcast Detroit?

From sitting in your basement with the voice recorder app on your phone to going all out and spending thousands of dollars on gear, there are a lot of ways you can go about doing a podcast.  There are also quite a few places you can go record, so why should Podcast Detroit be at the top of your list?

We’re glad you asked…

Because you’re ready to take your podcast to the next level

You’ve graduated from the handheld units and voice recording app stage, and you’re ready to start having guests join you in person for your podcast…but do you really want them in your basement or living room?  Probably not.  We’ve had a number of shows join our network over the past year for this very reason – you want to look professional, to be taken seriously, and to make sure you put the best foot forward with your guests in order to book more, bigger, and better guests in the future.

All of our studios…whether at our Royal Oak facility or downtown in the historic Penobscot building…give you that immediate perception of professionalism.  You look like a professional because you’re leveraging all of the time, effort and energy we’ve put into making sure that we do…because we run our own shows out of these same studios, and our reputation means everything to us.

Because you’re a business that’s figured out Webex meetings are completely outdated

Why, in 2017, are companies still forcing employees to join a WebEx at 8am to simply drone at them about the week’s sales targets and goals?  Wouldn’t your employees be so much happier, and potentially even more productive, if they could just download and listen to the entire call’s worth of information while driving into the office…or out to one of those sales calls you want them making…because you’re forward thinking enough to have created a podcast they can grab?  Of course they would.  And yes, we know that part of the allure of a Webex is being able to see the little green lights next to people’s names so that you know they’re on…but are they even listening?  Heck, are they even actually sitting at their desk while you’re talking…or are they off getting coffee or in the shower?  Wouldn’t it be nice to have metrics that show you who’s downloading and listening for real?

Because you’re ready to let someone help you

We get told on nearly a daily basis that we don’t charge enough for everything that we do for people.  And you know, they may be right about that…but we’re trying to help as best as we’re able to do so.  That means that we take care of editing files, publishing, syndication, setting up a dedicated RSS feed for your show so that you can be found individually on iTunes, Stitcher, and anywhere else you want to be found, and much, much more.  You don’t have to do everything on your own, we’re here to help.  If you want us to, that is.  Still want to do things on your own?  Have at it…we’re here to help, not dictate.

Because you want to control your message

There are way too many social media platforms these days to keep tabs on all of them.  So instead of running yourself ragged trying to, why not control your message…in your own voice.  Reach your customers, extend your brand, and do it all in the voice that best understands your business and speaks for you like nobody else can – your own.

Because it’s fun.

From our own experience, whether you’re sitting down for a business or personal podcast, it’s a great time.  Chatting with friends and associates, and getting all of those thoughts out of your head and actually into a physical format that people can share, enjoy, critique, discuss, or just listen to…there’s nothing like it.

Our Royal Oak studios are fully stocked with beer, booze, and snacks…or as we like to call all of that, “show fuel”.  The Pensobscot studio is right in the heart of all of the cool things happening downtown.  Our live remote broadcasts are at some of the best and most fun places and events throughout the area.  Our podcaster meetups are always a great time, filled with networking, chatting, discussions, and just hanging out with people on our network…and even those who aren’t.  We do other events for just our show hosts.  We bring in photographers for headshots and in-studio candids so that you can always put out the right image.

You’re missing out on an awful lot…and you don’t need to be.

Stop standing on the outside looking in…join us: http://www.podcastdetroit.com/so-you-want-to-start-a-podcast/