What Big Data Is Teaching Corporations About Building Engaged Employees

In a world of Millennial Mindsets and #okayboomer hashtags, we are divided when it comes to beliefs and expectations of life. There is no place that sees this more than the workforce, but companies like TrenData are working to make sure it’s not just a matter of opinion, but that the data is speaking for itself and helping to drive decisions.

TrenData’s VP of Product Management, Andrew Davis, joined us for a conversation where we discussed some of the biggest issues companies are facing today when it comes to hiring and building a workforce. It’s no longer a matter of whose thinking is right or wrong, but what the data is showing us when it comes to expectations in hiring and building a long-lasting and effective workforce.


4:00 – We jump into Andrew’s background in studying psychology to working within data

6:05 – What are some of the biggest shifts within the past decade in data analysis and how companies are using it

8:15 – Has user behavior changed in terms of trolling and how we treat others in business based on what we see with just the average usage on social media?

12:00 – How accurate is our data from older collection models vs. how we need to collect it currently, i.e. are Gallop polls worth watching and understanding?

14:38 – How social norms are affecting employment and other areas within society as a whole #okayboomer

17:00 – What things have shifted in mindset when it comes to job searching and what’s important to the current generation

18:34 – What TrenData does around people analytics (what’s happening and why it’s happening)

20:58 – How hiring has had to shift with the change in the new generation’s way of thinking (which is more transient)

26:10 – Will we see a difference in the millennial mindset because we are seeing this generation shift from young and little commitments to ‘growing up’ and having more responsibilities

30:50 – The shift in demand and need in terms of more in-person required work

32:10 – What are some of the biggest problems companies are seeing when hiring workforce and actually keeping the workforce (one being 50% of people leaving within year 1!)

36:10 – With the difference in how the workforce stays at jobs, how are companies looking at these resumes and hiring

38:15 – Is innovation inhibited because we’ve become this transient society, and what are we seeing on this topic from a global scale?

41:05 – Should accountability be brought back, and if so, how do we do that?

42:30 – When it comes to Gen X, why have we been overlooked, and are we truly the generation who has meshed with the other generations

48:25 – The pivot we’ve seen in society because of the Millennial Mindset and the companies they’ve started


Want to connect with Andrew – www.trendata.com – adavis {at} trendata.com