Undercard – Hand Combat Radio – Episode 289 – Devil in the Details

On the show tonight we had Cortez Chambliss and Lanardo Tyner who fight each other this Friday night at the Motor City Sound Board here in Detroit. We also have in Studio Ring Girl Danielle. Right off the bat we have on the show Cortez Chambliss who breaks down how this fight happened in the first place. Jimmy breaks down events of 1989 as we say goodbye to the 80’s once again. Next we talk to Cortez’s opponent this Friday at the Motor City Casino Lanardo “Little Ball of Hate” Tyner who makes the prediction of “pain” for the fight. We talk about our show next week falling on “Devils Night” in the city of Detroit and how things have changed since even 20 years ago. Jimmy goes off on a tangent about the occult and we end with talking about the Sports Wins that happened this past weekend. All this and more right here on The Undercard.