Thirty, Flirty & Thriving – Episode 14 – Breaking the Shackles

Hosts Amber Boone and Jalyn Suddeth welcome guests Alan Gunner Lindbloom and Minister Rosalind Palmer-Pryor on the show to talk about their books. Alan’s novels are based on a fictional Detroit Mafia family, and are being called “the next godfather” by fans around the world. A documentary was recently made about his life, and his series of short stories, titled “The Lindbloom Chronicles,” (about his life growing up in a mafia family before being sent to prison for 13 years) have been read 2 million times and are now being made into a TV pilot. Minister Rosalind, born in Jackson, Michigan has a beautiful story about her journey to enlighten, energize, and encourage ALL of God’s children to find their purpose in life. Her personal path to restoration is one of pain, isolation, distractions, and abuse both emotionally and physically. Through the trials of adolescence and the traumas of young adulthood, Rosalind held on to the belief that “life has to be better than this”.