The Sneaker Box – Episode 1

This week on TSB, the crew come back after almost a month off. They address the situation with both Crep Protect and White Ranger, while getting acclimated at their home in Podcast Detroit.
There seems to be a lot of shoes coming out that no asked for, like the “Flint Grey” Air Jordan 19s and a Reebok Iverson hybrid, affectionately dubbed on the show as the Reebok Robot Chicken.
3 women designers worked with LeBron James to create the FIRST Nike LeBron sneaker for women. Crazy enough, they actually came in Caesar’s size.
Allegedly, both PUMA and Adidas wanted to sign Colin Kaepernick, leaving middle aged, white people everywhere left wondering what brand of sneakers they could still buy every three years.
Speaking of Kaepernick, the crew give their two cents on the Nike controversy, which included a pastor in Mobile, Alabama (surprised?!) who cut up some Nike apparel during his sermon, and the College of the Ozarks banning all Nike products from their campus. The crew calls a local store in the area to see how it affected their business. Here’s a hint: it didn’t.