The Post Where We Launch a Podcast Network

We’re launching a podcast network.

There.  We said it.  It’s out there in the wild and there’s no turning back now.

After two years of running our own show and a whole bunch of conversations since we started running in our new studio a couple of months ago, Podcast Detroit is launching with a number of shows, and is ready to help you take advantage of every mistake we’ve made along the way by letting you get your own podcast off the ground as well…

Let’s give you the backstory.  Because we love backstories.

Last summer, when things went a little haywire at our former studio, we started exploring options in case we needed to make an exit so that we could continue doing our shows uninterrupted.  We looked at a few places, weren’t altogether impressed with what was available, and then an idea came to us.  We knew a guy with a building…and he’d built himself an awesome bar on the ground floor…and there were a few vacant suites upstairs…

…what if we built our own studio?

We started talking, and for a variety of reasons (things settled down, we got lazy, he got busy, you know… “life”), the conversation just sort of stalled.  But then he showed up at our December event, walked up and said “Okay, I get it now.  Let’s do this.”

“Do…what?” …because we’d genuinely forgotten about it.  And we’d been drinking.

“Build a studio.  I’ve been watching you guys, watching your numbers, and doing some homework.  I get it now.  Let’s do this.”

“Dude…we’ve all been drinking.  Let’s talk tomorrow.”

And so we talked the next day…and plans were born.

Many emails about layout, design, software and hardware requirements, and all sorts of other topics later, we launched our own show in the new studio.  And now here we are a couple of months later, and people have been approaching us left and right about starting their own podcast, having their own voice, doing their own thing…and so, much like we got pulled into bouncing our events around and doing Pink Slip Parties…it appeared that we were getting pulled into launching a podcast network.

So we’ve launched a podcast network. is now live…and fully operational.

Now, some might say “But guys…I know where your new studio is.  It’s not in Detroit.  It’s in Ferndale.  WTF?!”

And well, yes, you’d be technically accurate…but you’d also be forgetting who we are.  We were starting in 2001…with events all over the metro Detroit area to help things get better.  We became IT in the D in 2013…still with events all over the metro Detroit area to help things get better.  We’re committed to the entire area …not just certain zip codes.  And as we’ve mentioned at least once or maybe even twice (or more), the suburbs and the city are completely intertwined.  One cannot exist without the other.

We tried staying in the city.  We did.  We really wanted to.  And we also knew a little flak would be coming our way if we left.  But three different sets of people who’d promised us the world in spaces downtown all went dark on us and vanished, and we certainly weren’t continuing where we were any further…so…yep, here we are.  A block or so north of 8 Mile in a brand new space with brand new equipment and brand new everything, enabling us to do what we do…and to possibly help more people.

11102975_10205416656752639_6437389725184572264_oLike you.  You’ve got a voice you want to get out there, right?  Well, we’re here to help make that happen.  You have opinions and a voice, we have a great new studio with all new equipment, safe parking, a kegerator stocked by Falling Down Beer Company, keyfob access, and an opportunity for you to get out there.  We’ve already got several other shows up and running with more on the way in the coming days and weeks as they finish getting ready for their debuts.

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