The Podcast Detroit Week Ahead – 11/6 – 11/12

It’s a full week of shows at Podcast Detroit this week, culminating with the station being live from Fantasticon Mt Clemens this weekend, with a number of shows doing broadcasts, interviews, and of course there’s an after party…


12pm – 2pm: Detroit Beer Press in studio 1

12pm – 5pm: Shot of History in studio 3

3pm – 4pm: 8 Bit Waffles in studio 2

4pm – 5pm: Top Rope Review in studio 1

5pm – 6pm: Mustard and Onions debuts in studio 2

5pm to 7pm: Ninja Starship with Jimmy McKnight in studio 3


3pm – 4pm: M2Techcast in studio 1

5pm – 6pm: Lions Pridecast in studio 1

7pm – 8pm: Creativity Wasted in studio 3

8pm – 9pm: Motor City Sports Talk in studio 2

8pm – 10pm: Corner with K-Hubb in studio 3

9pm to 11pm: IT in the D in studio 1


5pm – 7pm: Detroit Sports Rag in studio 1

6pm – 8pm: The Mike and Shaun Experience in studio 3

7pm – 9pm: Undercard, Hand Combat Radio in studio 1

7pm – 8pm: Oh, But Wait in studio 2


12pm – 1pm: The Nooner Show in studio 1

4pm – 5pm: Detroit Red Wings Alumni in studio 1

4pm – 6pm: Really, The Show in studio 2

5pm – 7pm: Leading Questions with Calvin Moore in studio 3

7pm – 9pm: Geek-A-Pedia in studio 1

9pm – 11pm: Gooder Guys in studio 1


6pm – 7pm: Kent and Neal Show in studio 3

7pm – 9pm: 5ive Gears Show in studio 1

7pm – 8pm: Reasons Why I’m Single in studio 3


4pm – 6pm: Lions Pridecast in studio 1

7pm – 9pm: Better On Draft in studio 1

8pm – 10pm: Shop Talk Podcast in studio 3


All day: Live broadcasts of IT in the D, Worst Meatball Sandwich Ever, The Way Station, Geek Bit Collective, and more from Fantasticon Mt Clemens

Night: after-party at Dick Weed’s Bar