The Numbers

3 studios.  5 streams running 24/7.  Over 60 shows.  More than 100 hours of live programming every week.  1300+ hours of content archived and waiting for you as of mid-August, 2016.  Live remote broadcast capabilities.  An app that makes it easy to listen to anything and everything we have going on, including a live music stream featuring local bands.

And that’s just the start of what Podcast Detroit has to offer…

numbers2At Podcast Detroit, we’re trying to build something…a little different than anything else that’s out there, or at least different from what we experienced with our own show as we were experimenting and trying things.

So far, it seems to be working.

From the launch of the network at the end of July in 2015 with just three shows, we’ve added dozens more to the point where we’ve outgrown a single studio and had to go find a building where we could have three studios available for shows.  Little did we know it would be only a matter of weeks before all three studios would be in use at the same time multiple nights per week for live broadcasts.  We’ve held open house events for our own show hosts, as well as a couple meetups for those interested in podcasting whether they’re on our network or not for networking and information sharing purposes.

20160619_204238We’ve built, launched, and released multiple updates for an app on iOS and Android that let you listen to shows in our studios or out on live remotes, and when nobody’s live in-studio, they’re playing through the more than 1300 hours of archived content we have from our shows so far.

Not only that, but a number of our shows are music based in nature, and so bands have provided us with enough of their music that we launched a separate, dedicated stream that’s also live all day and all night playing local, metro Detroit musicians only.

And yes, you can still submit your music to be included here:

AAA-AshleyGraffiti-2116Along the way, we’ve added a few local names you may have heard of, like Ashley Gold.

You likely know from the Hardcore Pawn television show but has moved on to launch her weekly shows with celebrities called “Pawn Chick Radio“.

That’s just one of those 60+ shows that we have running every week that you can:

unnamed (6)Like sports?  You might recognize Theo “Gridiron” Spight as the guy who sings “Forward Down the Field” at Lions games, or want to catch up with Jeff Moss and the Detroit Sports Rag podcast, or recognize some of the guests on the Detroit Red Wings Alumni podcast.  Boxing/MMA fan?  We’ve got The Undercard.  Wrestling?  Here’s the Top Rope Review.

Into technology, current events and geek life?  Check out IT in the D, The Way Station, Sunday Morning Linux Review, Ninja Starship, and many others.

News and politics, or maybe getting a little deeper?  Check out the Kent and Neal Show, Pizza Pop & Politics, Oh But Wait, Leading Questions and more.

Short and sweet with a little humor?  Try Worst Meatball Sandwich Ever or Drink the Press.

Self Help shows are your thing?  Try Eye Am with Natalia, The Cassie Sobelton Show or Wellness Speaks Radio.

The Watch List talks the weird and paranormal, The Scoop covers social media, Reasons Why I’m Single is an hilarious look at dating in today’s world, and that’s not even scratching the surface of the music shows, local events and lifestyle based podcasts and others that you’ll find when you check out our roster of shows

Want to join them?  Here’s how:

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