The Making Of Champions – Episode 5 “Cassius” Clay Collard: From Homeless to Hero

He’s a contender for the 2020 Fighter of the Year. He’s described as “tenacious,” some even say “barbaric.” In this episode see and hear for yourself, as Clay Collard is about to be in the ring again this year, for the fifth time. He joins us from Sun City, Idaho where he was about to head into a cave for some pre-fight headspace at the urging of his coach. In this episode he shares what he has sacrificed to get here, and how he went from homeless to hero.

In this episode, the winners of a Joe Louis Night at the Fights experience were announced visually, so you know, the winners are:
Bruce Kielty, Jamie Catlett, Lashemia Easley, Eddie Meeks and Charles Ellington