Stop Arthritis Pain In 30 Days: HealingMatters 71

In episode 71 of HealingMatters, Jason talks about how to stop arthritis pain in 30 days! Arthritis is caused by an infection and poor diet that causes mineral loss. There are two types of arthritis: Rheumatoid arthritis and Osteoarthritis. Jason will list six steps to stop arthritis pain and Premier Research Labs Supplements to support each step.
Rheumatoid Arthritis is general fatigue, swelling with red, hot, and tender joints. Moving the joints makes it feel better. Osteoarthritis is arthritis in the bones and cartilage. Moving the body makes it hurt more. Bacteria and Viruses live in the joints and create waste products that erode the joints and bones. Excessive protein consumption is often blamed but it’s actually that the body can’t digest the protein and more waste products flood the liver with toxins. Gout is an example of mineral deposits in the joint/cartilage creating cracking, rough, painful joints. Six Steps to Reduce Pain: 1. Address Infection in the gut and the whole body. Premier Research Labs makes Olive Leaf, Allicidin, HCL, and OsteoVen to reduce infection. 2. Liver and Gallbladder Toxicity. The liver is a filter. If it’s too full with toxins, it can’t do its job. Even if you’ve had your Gallbladder removed, you can still produce bile. Premier Research Labs Makes GallBladder ND and Liver ND. 3. Overtaxed Adrenal Glands from too much sugar, caffeine, stress, and poor sleep. Watch my video on SLEEP: Premier Research Labs AdreneVen, and Pink Salt. 4. Food Allergies are wrecking your health with inflammation. Take a 30 day break from Gluten/Wheat, Dairy and Sugar. Sugar isn’t really an allergy but it feeds the bacteria and yeast that excrete toxins. Premier Research Labs AllerCaps. 5. Dehydration! Drink more water! 6. Inflammation causes damage and infection. Premier Research Labs Phytozymes (cleans up joints without surgery), pH Minerals, Deltanol, and Magnesium. Fermented Turmeric, DHA, and EPA take at least 30 days to get into your system. You can also mix Neem Oil and Limonene to use topically on the joints. Keep moving, walking, stretching, get fresh air and massages.
Peace and Healing,
Jason Eagle QRA, LMT
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