Smart Sex, Smart Love – Episode 40 Mistress Lexi on What It’s REALLY like to be a Female Domme

On the show this week, Joe asks, “What is working in the female Prodomme scene REALLY like”?

On this episode, Joe’s guest is Mistress Lexi – a popular domme in the adult fetish scene right now. Joe and Lexi go right under the covers of her world, talking about the nitty gritty of working in the online kink industry. They chat about Sissification, Cock & Ball Torture, Findom, Hypnosis, and Chastity. Plus, how exactly did Lexi, known as, ‘Domme of the Dead’, become involved in this scene, and what drives her customers to hand over their cash to dommes?

“People come to me online because they need an outlet,” says Lexi. “They don’t have their needs covered in their vanilla life. You can’t walk around in society seeking extreme domination – you need a safe community to go play. That’s what I and others like me provide. A safe outlet for kinks.”