The Human Condition

Love, loss, spirituality, addiction, suffering, virtuosity, integrity, diversity, philanthropy, politics, religion, right and wrong, good and evil, duality, oneness, separation, unity… All of these are subjects and ideas, contemplated on a daily basis, whether it be through dialog or introspection, by the bulk of the human race… a species that has been blessed with the cognitive ability to perform such tremendous feats of self-examination instinctively.  Yet, rather than utilizing the gift of introspection as a means to enhance the human experience, we often use it as means to divide. Although, there is a strong argument to be made in favor of an innate human desire to self-destruct, when common ground is found, just the opposite is discovered to be true. In fact, underneath all that seemingly plagues the human condition, we find compassion to be the binding force of all that is, oftentimes subjugated by misguided means of achieving individual harmony.

The Human Condition podcast aims to break through the ego-imposed, artificial boundaries that serve only to divide us.  By engaging in dialog, from a place of love, on subjects where lines are typically drawn in the sand, we will cut through semantics to examine dogmatic, preordained ideologies, in an effort to achieve harmonious discourse that promotes understanding, empathy and compassion.

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