The Breakfast Table

Welcome to The Breakfast Table, where a group of friends come to talk about their passions in the
world of Geek Culture. The 8bit Waffles team features fans of every niche of entertainment who can
give their unique views on the different topics we discuss on a weekly basis. Every episode is filled
with various news and topics around our passions. Whether we are discussing the latest in VR
technology, or the newest films to come out this summer, it is guaranteed we will be covering our
thoughts on the subject in its entirety. With a varied group with everyone from IT professionals to
Comic Book Enthusiasts, there is a wide range of viewpoints in every discussion. So join our host
Brad (Movie Aficionado) as he is joined by Alex (Expert on all things Gaming), Darshan (Wizard of
Tech), James (Comic Enthusiast), Joanne (Cultural Professional), Ferris (The Master Debater), and
Taylor (Disney Geek) as we sit around The Breakfast Table.
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The Breakfast Table – Episode 27

The Breakfast Table – Episode 27 Thanks to Audible for this show! To start your free 30-day trial and receive a free audiobook visit or text Detroit to...