Retro Detroit Nerdfighters

The Retro Detroit Nerdfighters(RDNF) is brought to people who don’t forget to be awesome(DFTBA) and is presented by Ian the Well-Informed,  Cathy the CSA,  Phil the Youbie and Emily the Observer.  Topics are IT systems and culture,  video games, youtube politics, community service and information about people with disabilities.

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Retro Detroit Nerdfighters – Episode 40 This episode is too “short”

We talk about gaming companies that exploit children out of their money and adults the size of children.

Retro Detroit Nerdfighters – Episode 38 Brave Sir Brad ran away and Nintendo News

This episode of the Retro Detroit Nerdfighters podcast has news about Reggie Fils-Aime, mostly Nintendo news, gearbox news and making fun of Brad from the Eight Bit Waffles Podcast....

Retro Detroit Nerdfighters – Episode 36 Yee Three Jareds and Penguicon Recap

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