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The Grand Designs Podcast, hosted by Gerry and DJ Grand, will feature conversations linking the chains of reason of sports, politics and culture to human behavior.

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Grand Designs Podcast – Episode 24 NFL Hold Outs

Is holding out an ethical tactic to get out of a contract in the NFL?

Grand Designs Podcast – Episode 23 Taunting

“Horn’s Down” taunting rule in the Big 12; Jim Harbaugh’s so-called taunt of Urban Meyer plus the depth of Comerica Park.

Grand Designs Podcast – Episode 21 A Split Season and the Ethics of Physical Fitness

The Tampa Bay Rays possibly splitting home games and the right and wrong of physical fitness.

Grand Designs Podcast – Episode 20 Equality in Sports Revisited

The impossibility of equality in sports including Dodgeball, Transgender Competitors and USA Woman’s Soccer.

Grand Designs Podcast – Episode 19 NFLPA Causing a Work Stoppage in 2020

A little about the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs and the looming NFL work stoppage in 2020