Drunken Confessions

We have been friends for 8 years. Through our friendship we have had so much fun. How much you ask? Well, let’s just say that we put the FU in fun! Now, most friends say they go through ups and downs but seriously we have had no downs. We have always had such a mutual respect for each other that we haven’t let our friendship have downs. (maybe a pause but no downs) So, I bet you are asking yourself why we decided to start this podcast… Well, frankly, we got bored and had nothing else better to do…. Kidding, not kidding. But really… Drunken Confessions is about real life. Not the bullshit people make up on social media but the juicy stuff. Real problems, Real accomplishments, and Real Confessions (juicy juicy)! And guess what???? This is the place where you want to be! Come on and vent, talk, & just realize you’re not alone. Now for some of us, it may take a drink, or two, or five, to get you there. And that my friends is where we come in. To find out more, tune into the podcast, check out our Facebook page, or you’ll have to meet us. We love having guest on the show even if you have never been on a podcast before (we love us some podcast virgins!). So what are you waiting for? Connect with us on social media or email to be a guest.

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