Cynic Autonomy

The Cynic Autonomy is the intersection of self-absorption and immorality explored by Essence Bell (@ess.iee) + Janise Packnet (@janisepacknet) during their transition into adulthood. Episodes encompass the dualities of youth from a universal perspective in conflict with societal standards. Our topics include but are not limited to love, sex, pop culture, news, and business.There’s a place for those  gang-bangers, anime nerds, fashion guru, public figures, and whoever you claim to be…its here in the conversation with CYNIC AUTONOMY.
Tune in weekly and follow us on social media @cynicautonomy, and use our hashtag #CynicPod.

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The Cynic Autonomy Podcast – V4: Deeper Than Deep

Tune in and get to know more about Essence and Janise, as they have a more relaxed conversation where they answer some random thought-provoking questions.

The Cynic Autonomy Podcast – Episode 3 V3: Grown

Essence and Janise sits down with Sakiya Duncan for this week’s episode. The girls discuss their definition of being grown and their opinions on the misconceptions of Post-Grad life....

The Cynic Autonomy Podcast – V2: Dirty Laundry

WARNING: FIRST REAL EPISODE Essence and Janise reflect on 2019 based on what they learned and how they navigated to their place on earth. The discussion of situationships, broken...

The Cynic Autonomy Podcast – Episode 1 The Intro

Meet Essence & Janise, two MSU alumni living life on their own terms without the pressure of societal boundaries. This week they will introduce the Cynic Autonomy and what...