Crime in the Mitten

From mysterious missing cases to gruesome murders that left police struggling to stay on the scene, were giving you the complete inside on what’s going on in our mitten state.

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Case #3 – The Missing Skelton Brothers

As a parent, one of the biggest fears many have is allowing your child to go somewhere and they’re no where to be found when it’s time to get...

Case #2- Oakland County Child KIller

From January 1976 – March 1977, seven child murders took place in the metro Detroit area. Three of the murders were solved, the other six, to this day, are...

Case #1- St. Aubin Massacre 1929

This case is known as one of Detroit’s most gruesome massacres that took place back in 1929. On St. Aubin street a horrible tragedy occurred, but to make things...

Episode 0

An introduction to Crime in the Mitten