Civil War Diplomacy

Welcome fellow diplomats to Civil War Diplomacy, where we seek to ease tensions in the ongoing cold civil war happening in our nation’s political arena by opening up lines of communication. As a self-appointed representative of the “Democratic establishment”, I will bring on guests who will scrutinize my positions and help get me outside my bubble. Let’s return to an era of intelligent, civil debate about our most important policies, seeking out common ground for us all.

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005 – Election Integrity & The 2nd Amendment, with Mike Detmer

Congressional candidate Mike Detmer joins Jordan Genso for a conversation about election integrity, the 2nd Amendment, and Mike’s thoughts on the Chauvin trial verdict.

004 – Minimum Wage, Student Loan Debt & Fracking, with Danielle Anderson

Danielle Anderson provides a voice from the left for a discussion about the minimum wage, student debt, and fracking, as Jordan Genso tries to defend a “moderate Democrat” position....

003 – Charter Schools & Education Policy, with Buddy Moorehouse

Buddy Moorehouse joins Jordan Genso for a discussion about charter schools and education policy. Please subscribe to the show, and like our Civil War Diplomacy page on Facebook to...

002 – A pro-life / pro-choice discussion with Hermon Barbe

Hermon Barbe joins Jordan Genso for a discussion about the proper role for government in regards to life, abortion, supporting young families, and other related topics. Please subscribe to...

Civil War Diplomacy – 001 – James Bruney, discussion about election integrity, COVID-19 policy, and more

Fellow Livingston County (Republican) candidate joins me in this first episode of the show to demonstrate how civil discourse is still feasible during these polarized times. We begin with...

Civil War Diplomacy – 00 – Trailer for Civil War Diplomacy

A quick synopsis of what to expect from this new podcast