Breaking Bread With Jenn

A podcast hosted by Jenn of Breaking Bread where a cornucopia of thoughts, opinions, and insights on popular and not so popular cultural happenings, behaviors, mindsets, and developments that directly impact modern society will be discussed.

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GoFundMe vs Life Insurance Policies

The importance of Life Insurance Policies for End Of Life Planning are explained by Breaking Bread With Jenn podcast Insurance Expert, Harry C. Todd.

Racism And How It Impacts A Free Market Society (Ep. 2)

Our guest is Andre Davis, International Global Recruiter and author of the Best Indie Book Award Winning book, Our Two Societies.

The Miseducation Of The Black Student (Ep. 1)

Breaking Bread in the pod is the Executive Vice President of Detroit Federation Of Teachers, Lakia Wilson. The pod is opened on a few of the disparities in education...

Breaking Bread With Jenn Trailer

Trailer tease introducing Breaking Bread With Jenn! A new podcast coming to a platform near you! Are you ready to set it off? Let’s Go!