Beat The Buzzer

Barbershop talk between 3 black friends fumbling thru young adult life. Sports to Trayvon Martin.

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Beat the Buzzer – Episode 45 Multiple Vantage Points

We speak about president doubles and life after for them. Some favorite moments of the decade. We bounce around with some dating preferences as well

Beat the Buzzer – Episode 44 Thanksgiving Time

We recap our Thanksgiving weekends. Imposter syndrome is running rampant and we address it. Plus so much more going on in our lives

Beat the Buzzer – Episode 43 Going Back

Disney + is a hit so far and taking us back. Do you take your party favors back home if they are not finished? And so much more

Beat the Buzzer – Episode 42 Compromise

Happy Birthday to KT’s mom. The group talks a lot about compromising situations in relationships and how they react. Come have some fun

Beat the Buzzer – Episode 41 What a Time

We re-live Cardo’s graduation. KT let’s the group share his HOMEcoming experience. Also, we have some relationship scenarios for you. And we talk about some death

Beat the Buzzer – Episode 40 Situations Arise

Fellas talk about the lives of John “Pops” Witherspoon & John Conyers. So many celebrations in the last week & coming up. We also discuss having your partner keep...

Beat the Buzzer – Episode 39 For Love

Jam let’s the fellas know how popping she is at 30 under 30. Everyone says til ‘death do us part’, but what if we not married yet? Does it...

Beat the Buzzer – Episode 38 Hashin’ It Out

Beat the Buzzer – Episode 38 The group is excited to share if they are kinky or just like everyday secks. We also go back and figure out why...

Beat The Buzzer – Post Nut Clarity

KT is back and the gang keeps the laughs rolling. We talk about post nut clarity and leaving a relationship for old work or new work. Jam recounts being...