Another Page Turner with Big Dog and Lil Stef

Tom Hutchison of Big Dog Ink and Stefani Manard of Scapegoat Press join forces to talk the ins and outs of indy publishing, comics, pop culture and more.

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Another Page Turner – Episode 7

Today we talk a little about working with publishers, the ins and outs of submissions and how best to set yourself up for success. Also we do a quick...

Another Page Turner – Episode 6 Halloween movies and more!

What do we like to watch during Halloween and all year round? What are some of the best new horror films out there? Listen in and see from a...

Another Page Turner – Episode 5 Godzilla and Other Films

Stef and Tom discuss some of their recent favorite films such as Godzilla, Ready or Not, and others. Some were not so great. See if you agree or disagree!

Another Page Turner – Episode 4 Comic Con 101

Tom and Stefani discuss the basics of tabling at comic conventions: What you need to start, how to gather information on which cons to do, and more basics that...

Another Page Turner – Episode 3

Stef and Tom are back this week talking about the best and worst of Marvel Phase 4, taxidermy, The Boys, and a smattering of other pop culture topics.

Another Page Turner – Episode 2 Kickstarter 101

Tom and Stef discuss the basics of having a successful Kickstarter campaign. From planning to execution, you will learn the general information that you need to bring your indie...

Another Page Turner with Big Dog and Lil Stef – Episode 1

Tom and Stefani start their new show that connects comic professionals with others, as well as offers a side of pop culture and banter. We aim to share knowledge...