Show Schedule




11a-1pm: Unpopular (RO, Studio 1)

1p-2p: Pillow Talk Tales (RO, Studio 1)

1p-2p: Single Fathers Today (RO, Studio 2)

1p-2p: Can We Talk? (RO, Studio 3)

2p-4p: Unwrapped (RO, Studio 1)

2p-4p: Let’s Talk (RO, Studio 2)

4p-5p: N&E Freestyle & BS (RO, Studio 1)

4p-5p: The DirectHer’s Take (RO, Studio 2)

4p-5p: Three DMs (RO, Studio 4)

5p-7p: In The Box (RO, Studio 2)

5p-6p: A Blind Chick (RO, Studio 3)

5p-7p: Geekend Update (RO, Studio 4)

6p-7p: The 3rd Quarter Podcast (RO, Studio 1)

6p-7p: Blunted After Dark (RO, Studio 3)

6p-7p: Levels Podcast (Detroit Studio)

8p-9p: Preppy Pimpin’ Podcast (RO, Studio 1)


2p-3p: M2TechCast (RO, Studio 1)

6p-8p: Beat The Buzzer (RO, Studio 3)

6p-7p: Adventures of Little Miss Detroit (Detroit Studio)

7p-9p: The Sneaker Box (RO, Studio 1)

7p-9p: Crazy Ex Girlfriends (RO, Studio 4)

8p-9p: The Pub Panel (RO, Studio 3)

9p-11p: IT in the D (RO, Studio 1)

9p-11p: The Watch List: (RO, Studio 3)

9p-10p: Crown and Conversations (Detroit Studio)


6p-7p: Thirty, Flirty, and Thriving (RO, Studio 1)

6p-7p: Comeback City (RO, Studio 2)

7p-8p: The Drawing Board (RO, Studio 1)

7p-8p: Heard! (RO, Studio 3)

7p-8p: LoveLogical (RO, Studio 4)

7p-8p: The Money and the Honey (Detroit Studio)

8p-9p: Refrigerator Diaries (RO, Studio 2)

8p-9p: Creativity Wasted (RO, Studio 3)

9p-10p: Knockouts and 3 Counts (RO, Studio 1)

9p-10p: Hattage Underground RO, Studio 3)

9p-10p: Kloset Konversationz (Detroit Studio)


9a-10a: Inside Real Estate (RO, Studio 1)

10a-11a: Bras, Bitches, and Balls (Detroit Studio)

11a-12p: Jim Brandstatter (RO, Studio 2)

11a-12p: Liz in Detroit (Detroit Studio)

12p-1p: The Nooner Show (RO, Studio 1)

1p-2p: Rich Sparks (RO, Studio 1)

1p-2p: Beer Tour Guy (RO, Studio 2)

4p-5p: Detroit Red Wings Alumni (RO, Studio 3)

5p-7p: Leading Questions w/ Calvin Moore (RO, Studio 1)

6p-7p: Detroit ByCycle (RO, Studio 3)

7p-8p: Honestly Real Estate (RO, Studio 1)

7p-8p: What Won’t We Say (RO, Studio 2)

7p-8p: American Whiner (RO, Studio 3)

7p-9p: Prep Stars Football Report (RO, Studio 4)

7p-9p: Brewz Brothaz (Detroit Studio)

8p-9p: Real Men Choppin’ It Up (RO, Studio 1)

8p-9p: This Detroit Life (RO, Studio 2)

9p-11p: Breaking Down the Ring (RO, Studio 1)

9p-10p: 3 Raw (RO, Studio 3)


7p-8p: Reasons Why I’m Single (RO, Studio 3)

7p-8p: Bad Moms Club (RO, Studio 4)

7p-8p: Animal Talk (Detroit Studio)

8p-9p: Unapologetic (RO, Studio 3)

9p-10p: Die Heart (RO, Studio 1)


7p-9p: Better On Draft (RO, Studio 1)

7p-8p: Punk Wisdom (RO, Studio 3)

7p-8p: Talk Juicy (RO, Studio 4)


12p-2p: Savages Hitting Intelligent Topics (RO, Studio 1)

12p-1p: The Flava Show (Detroit Studio)

1p-2p: Bass in Your Face with T-Money Green (RO, Studio 3)

1p-2p: Retro Detroit Nerd Fighters (RO, Studio 4)

2p-3p: Fear Doesn’t Go With My Outfit (RO, Studio 3)

3p-4p: Conversations and Meditations (RO, Studio 2)

3p-4p: Curvy Cuties (RO, Studio 3)

4p-5p: The Queendom Hour (RO, Studio 3)

5p-7p: Teacher Talk (RO, Studio 1)

5p-7p: The Way Station (Detroit Studio)

7p-8p: Ignorant Intelligent (RO, Studio 1)

8p-9p: Woke-ish (RO, Studio 3)