Podcast Spotlight: The Detroit Cast

The Detroit Cast is a Podcast run out of metro Detroit.  Hosted by former Drew & Mike Show Producer Mike Wolters, and his long time friend Jay.  The on air team is rounded out by former Drew & Mike Show intern Eric Fadie…aka Big E.

The show is a comedy show first and foremost!  We cover news of the world each day.  Although we cover it much different than your local or national news shows.  We give running commentary and opinions to whatever is happening in the world.  We will often times be discussing politics, sports or weird news stories…and then at other times we may be flying Big E to San Francisco to participate in and report on a male jack off club.  Nothing is off limits and everything is fair game.  We also have interviews with authors, actors, comedians and regular people who end up in the news.  

Some will find our show offensive!  That’s ok.  And kind of the point.  Keep in mind, we’re a comedy show.  If you are easily offended by salty language, you’ll hate us.  If you’re not easily offended and are actually sick and tired of a PC culture run amok, you’ll probably really enjoy our show.  Remember…we are a podcast that just sounds like a radio show.  We simply don’t have to play by any corporate or FCC rules.  

Give us a chance…you may have just found your new daily talk show. Click here to listen and subscribe!