Podcast Spotlight: Motown Mojo Live

Motown Mojo Live is a weekly podcast bringing listeners live music and interviews from the best music acts, comic book creators, actors, filmmakers, artists, and all forms of entertainment  from Detroit and beyond.

Motown Mojo Live is proud to be one of the first shows on the Podcast Detroit network. Motown Mojo is on Monday nights from 7-9 PM Eastern. So far, the goal of Motown Mojo Live is to bring people in all forms of entertainment together, and we feel that it’s been successful…

9081c6b0-54ef-4b8f-bc8b-27cdb7ed2e85In the world of comic books we have had a weekly dose of co-host Dominic Riggio (writer of The Arcane Awakening and owner of Mess Bucket Comics) as well as some big names in the industry like the following: Arvell Jones (DC and Marvel Comics), Dirk Manning (Image Comics), and Gary Reed (IDW, Deadworld) live in studio.

In the world of music Motown Mojo Live as been fortunate enough to have some great talent live in studio such as: Tino Gross (Howling Diablos), Chad Nicefield (Wilson), James Wailin and Bobby East (The Reefermen) live in studio as well.

Motown Mojo has continued to grow and expand with its 5 co-hosts which in clude: Dominic Riggio (writer of The Arcane Awakening and owner of Mess Bucket Comics), Scott Zambelli (freelance Illustrator who has created artwork for many well known companies.  Star Wars, Vampirella, Red Sonja, and Transformers), Richard Saady (Professional wrestler for XICW Dickie Bronson), Shawn Shaman (TV and Film maker),  “Sensational” Steve Tuthill (lead singer of The Beggars and Awesomer)

The growth of Motown Mojo has led to other great opportunities like Motown Mojo Mondays at  the House of Shamrocks bar in Hazel Park Michigan. This (almost) weekly event lets fans interact directly with the hosts and talent on the show. The bands usually perform at the bar (2 miles away from studio) and the artists will sell/sign their items as well.

Find more information at motownmojolive.com and podcastdetroit.com.