Podcast Detroit Week 20: The Week Ahead

Podcast Detroit Week 20: The Week Ahead – we’ve got two more new shows debuting as things get back to normal after the holiday weekend…


5pm – 6pm: Ninja Starship debuts

6pm – 7pm: Top Rope Review

7pm – 9pm: The Rack Show

9pm -11pm: The Art of Relationships


3pm – 4pm: M2 Techcast

6pm – 7pm: Forward Down the Field

7pm – 9pm: Motown Mojo Live

9pm – 11pm: IT in the D


5pm – 7pm: Detroit Sports Rag

7pm – 9pm: The Undercard: Hand Combat Radio

9pm – 11pm: The Corner with K-Hubb


12pm – 1pm: The Nooner Show

EncodeDecode with Wolfgang Goerlich

5pm – 6pm: Eye Am

7pm – 9pm: Mayhem Radio

9pm – 11pm: The Good-er Guys Show


7pm – 9pm:  The 5ive Gears Show

9pm – 11pm: Detroit Beer Press debuts


7pm – 9pm: Better On Draft

9pm – 11pm: The Ming and Mike Show


10am – 11am: Shoutin’ with Deacon Coldstone

11am – 12pm: Jammin with Jazzy G

The Internet Advisor Show