New Shows Added, Improved Site Navigation, App Updated and Other Items

The Sunday Morning Linux Review and the Detroit Red Wings Alumni Association join our roster of shows this week, bringing our total up over 40 shows broadcasting now.  We’ve also improved our top site navigation to help make it easier for you to find the shows you’re interested in, as well as made some updates to our app available for android and iOS devices to make finding older episodes of shows easier, as well as some deals that you might be interested in…

12662658_804495272994493_941212970976659440_nOur app now features an easier way to find what’s playing currently, get access to the archives for all of our shows, and some local deals you might want to check out.

Our app, as well as all of the other ways to listen to our shows during live broadcasts and after they’re syndicated, can be found out at

We’ve improved the top navigation on our site to make it easier to find shows you might be interested in.  “The Shows” now breaks out into sub-navigation categories by type of genres that our shows fall into, as well as what day of the week they’re broadcasting live.

Business shows:

Geek Life & Technology:


Lifestyle & Events:


Self Improvement:



We’re still in-progress on the build out of our new space.  If you missed what’s coming, you should give a read to: