Motor City Hypnotist Podcast with David Wright – Episode 43 Mental Health and Nutrition, Part 1

Nutrition and Mental Health, Part 1 Show Notes In this episode of the Motor City Hypnotist Podcast we are going to talk about nutrition and mental health with my special guest Nutritionist Alisa Herriman. And I’m also going to be giving listeners a FREE HYPNOSIS GUIDE! Stay tuned! INTRODUCTION What is up people? The Motor City Hypnotist Podcast is here in the Podcast Detroit Northville Studios. Thank you for joining me on this episode of the Motor City Hypnotist Podcast. I am David Wright and with me is my producer Matt Fox. FIND ME: My Website: My social media links: Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: Instagram: motorcityhypno If you would like to contribute financially to the show, you can find me on Patreon: FREE HYPNOSIS GUIDE Please also subscribe to the show and leave a review. (Stay with me as later in the podcast, I’ll be giving away a free gift to all listeners!) This episode of the Motor City Hypnotist Podcast is brought to you by Banner Season. Online marketing is saturated and people rarely open their emails. Are you in sales or does your business market to customers? How do you connect with family, friends, and clients? Banner Season takes your marketing into the “real world” by delivering kindness and thoughtfulness directly to your client’s physically. Imagine the excitement of your family, friends and customers as they receive personalized cards and gifts in their mailboxes. Go to and begin today to express kindness and make connections with others. WINNER OF THE WEEK; Secret Santa in Idaho Mystery Surrounds Idaho Secret Santa Giving Out $500,000 to Families It’s moments like this one that make the holiday season so special. A blind man is surprised with thousands of dollars in gift cards and a teacher is given a new car at her school. A “secret Santa” has been giving out gifts to people in the East Idaho community for the last six years. Nate Eaton, news director of East Idaho News, has been covering the mysterious donor for years. This year, more than $500,000 will be given to area families. Nate Eaton states the donor desires to remain anonymous SPECIAL GUEST: My guest today has been researching and teaching Nutrition for 15 years. She specializes in Nutrition for Cancer Recovery and Prevention. This mom of 4, is passionate about teaching others the power of WHOLEFOOD nutrition and its role in disease prevention. Her aim is to motivate and empower individuals to make healthy choices through the understanding of how food affects the physical body, emotions and mental health. My guest teaches several college level courses including the Certified Holistic Cancer Practitioner Program at the prestigious Edison Institute of Nutrition, an internationally recognized Nutrition College. My guest is a highly regarded and sought out speaker on Nutrition and its role in disease prevention. She is a “say as it is” presenter, who breaks down topics into usable information that participants can go home with. Her desire to make a change in a world of preventable illness and ensures her audience stays engaged and eager to learn more! My guest was nominated and awarded Best Nutritionist 2018, by National Nutrition, and again was the Recipient of Best Nutritionist 2019 receiving the National award in Canada! Welcome, my special guest Alisa Herriman!! How the foods you eat affect how you feel Western-style dietary habits, in particular, come under special scrutiny Let’s discuss why the right breakfast is so important to physical and mental health. Lead author Prof. Suzanne Dickson, from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, explains the overarching theme of the team’s findings: “We have found that there is increasing evidence of a link between a poor diet and the worsening of mood disorders, including anxiety and depression.” Meanwhile, we do know that a healthy diet affects brain health by: • Boosting brain development. • Changing brain proteins and enzymes to increase neural transmitters, which are the connections between brain cells. • Increasing good gut bacteria. This promotes a healthy gut biome, which decreases inflammation. Inflammation is known to affect both cognition and mood. • Raising serotonin levels through various food enzymes, which improves mood. What is “gut health” and how can we address it? There is a lot of literature promoting the benefits of different diets. Can you tell me a little more about “diets” and how people should approach any of them? Let’s talk about sugar. Refined vs. Natural? Added sugars? What are some quick and simple changes people can make regarding their diet and mental health? Find Alisa: The End of Procrastination: How to Stop Postponing and Live a Fulfilled Life Join my Empower Your Mind For Success Private Facebook Group Free Hypnosis for Confidence NEXT EPISODE: Special Guest Nutritionist Alisa Herriman Part 2 Change your thinking, change your life! Laugh hard, run fast, be kind. David R. Wright MA, LPC, CHT The Motor City Hypnotist