Lovelogical – DNA Not Required – Episode 53 Bettie Lutcher – HAIRfidence: For the Love of Kids

Today is Tuesday. You know what that means? Lovelogical-DNA NOt REQUIRED® is going to have special guest. Kick-off your shoes, sit back and listen in tonight as we bring you:

Bettie Lutcher, Owner of B’s Vanity Hair Salon, Oak Park MI. Bettie partners with Lovelogical to bring you HAIRfidence!

Bettie is a native Detroiter. A hidden gem within our community. She does so much for children, entrepreneurs, homeless people, and I can go on and on.

Tonight, we are also presenting Ayanna Jones-Walter of the Mary Mahoney Nurses Association with an invite to the Mahoney Monologues.

We are dusting off our welcome mats for Betty and Ayanna, who are definitely a part of our family, which is always biological by nature; lovelogical by choice!