Leading Questions: S1 E3 | Interracial Relationships in 2016

Leading Questions: S1 E3 | Interracial Relationships in 2016

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EPISODE TITLE: S1 E3 | Interracial Dating in 2016



Our Panelists:


Gregoire Eugene-Louis, Hannah Seo McPeak, Nikki Pardo, Billy Strawter



Interracial Dating


  1. What was your first experience in or witnessing an interracial relationship?


  1. What are some of the practical issues facing people in interracial relationships?


  1. Are black men who date outside of their race turning their back on their culture? Why or why not?


  1. Are white men who date Asian women guilty of fetishism?


  1. If a person has an attraction to a certain type—i.e. a black woman who likes white skin and blonde hair or a white man who likes Asian features or a black man who likes Hispanic culture and language—be considered a racist approach to dating? (This is about “having a type” being necessarily exclusionary.)


  1. Do you think the experience of potential bi-racial children should be considered as a deterrent?


  1. What are some ways that parents can educate their children on both sides of their heritage?