Knockouts and 3 Counts Aaron Orion Pt 2 : being the final 2 against Baron Corbin, Wyatt Strong,Death Threat Army

#ProfessionalWrestling #DTA #CancerSurvivor We have the return of Aaron Orion to the show ! We pick up where we left off in part one of the #interview which can be found here: In this one we talk about Wyatt’s #RoadtoRecovery in his fight with #Cancer and really jump in to Aaron’s #Wrestling Career. We talk about getting to wrestle on #RAW for #WWE and being in the final two of a #BattleRoyal with #BaronCorbin to his journey on the #indywrestling scene. We also get his take on this weekend’s #UFC252 and the showdown between #StipeMiocic and #DanielCormier who do you got ?? Strap in this is a fun chat which gives you a peek behind the curtain for a #WrestlingDad the heart of a warrior and just a fun time shooting the breeze let us know what you think in the comments !! FOLLOW THE SHOW SUBSCRIBE : TWITTER : INSTAGRAM : FACEBOOK LIVE TUESDAYS AT 9PM E : FOLLOW AARON ORION FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM : TWITTER: