Jennifer Hurvitz on What You Need To Do To Stay Happily Married From A Divorce Coach Who Knows! Smart Sex, Smart Love with Dr. Joe Kort

This week’s guest on Smart Love, Smart Sex is bestselling author, podcaster and Certified Divorce & Relationship Coach, Jennifer Hurvitz. Host of the popular, ‘Doing Divorce Right’ podcast, Jennifer (divorced for five years) thinks couples should try super hard to make their marriage work if kids are involved. “Being in love is a choice, not a feeling,” she says. “You chose to show up for that person!” Jennifer says that after her divorce, she was “surprised” that while she doesn’t miss her “Was-bund,” she does miss her family being together more than she thought she would.

She believes that to make a marriage work you have to, “put your ego aside and your kids first!” Hear Joe and Jennifer discuss what a divorce can really look like, and, if your marriage is truly over, how to navigate back into the world of dating.