Innovation Calling – Why Gaming Is a Tiny Fraction of AR and VR’s Disruption

For most of us, when we hear of AR, we think of goggles and gaming. However, there are countless use cases for how AR/VR/MR can be used within various sectors and businesses.


We brought in the expert, Matt Johnson of East Edge Studios, and we talked the evolution of XR, the breakdown of what each one means (AR/VR/MR), and how businesses can begin utilizing this technology to enhance the customer experiences, sell more product, and make smarter business decisions.


Here’s the episode breakdown


1:30 – How the Oculous Kickstarter changed his life forever

4:10 – The breakdown of all the ‘R’s – in AR/VR/MR

9:10 – Syya’s trekkie side comes out

10:48 – Various use cases for how to use these technologies

13:52 – How are YouTubers are utilizing this technology to enhance their videos

16:27 – Are all content creators embracing this or is there any pushback

17:40 – What is the barrier of entry to add this technology to your business and how expensive is it?

20:42 – How do set people up to learn to  drive to what’s coming vs. what’s already there?

24:24 – Diving into more use cases, specifically around real estate

28:17 – When the business case is proven, why aren’t more businesses embracing this?

31:00 – Is there a misperception on the uses of this technology?

33:29 – Why the government has actually been an innovator in this space

34:00 – Where will this technology evolve to?

40:00 – How do you begin to get involved in this technology?

45:00 – As innovation continues to drive all that we do, what is the one key secret that can help us maintain normalcy?


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