Innovation Calling: The Introduction of 5G and How It Will Change the World

We may have taken the terms 3G and 4G for granted, not truly understanding the impact the addition of each one had to our lifestyles. However, as more devices ‘talk’ to each other and as the demand for data increases, the need for 5G is crucial now more than ever.

By 2020 the new information generated per second for every human being will approximately amount to 1.7 megabytes. Plus the average consumer will have more access to things like VR and IoT devices, which will make the speed of 4G feel like the old dial-up days of AOL.

As overwhelming as this all can be, the good news is that it 5G is no longer just a thought or a need, but it’s an actual reality. It’s already rolling out to areas around the world, and will be more accessible within the next year.

To learn how 5G will impact the world as we know it, and what we can expect in the near future, we decided to go straight to the 5G source, Ericsson.

We were honored to speak with Swamy Vasudevan, the VP of Strategy and Business Develop-ment for Ericsson. He has been instrumental in making 5G a reality.