Innovation Calling – Staying Relevant: How Consulting Firms Are Evolving

Gone are the days where a direct divide fell between Corporate America and Entrepreneurship. In fact, the giants of Corporate America have learned that the key to developing an innovation strategy is by embracing the start-up mentality. And we’re seeing it time and time again (ahem, Toys R’ Us, if you don’t innovate, you die).

So how does this new way of thinking transcend into the consulting world, an industry driven by defined processes and numbers? Well, it’s not set officially yet, but the journey and new way of thinking has officially begun.

We were lucky enough to speak with Victoria Wind, who is helping to lead this charge at one of the oldest consulting firms, Grant Thorton. We talked about how they’re looking to innovate, what their innovation lab looks like, the hurdles they’re having to overcome, and how a large corporate like Grant Thornton will begin to change their thinking to stand above the rest.

Also, if you’re a start-up, this is an incredible episode to listen to as you will hear the huge list of opportunities you have because so many large companies are adapting this new way of thinking!