Innovation Calling – Holiday Roundtable – Innovation Current Events

We’re opening 2019 with another round table with some of our favorite tech friends. We covered some of today’s hottest technology topics

We’re also excited to announce some more live shows, so be on the lookout as 2019 begins.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the topics we covered in this end of year round table:

2:25 – Should government be more educated and knowledgable about what technology companies are doing and the policies they’re making.

8:00 – Should states or federal government take on privacy acts?

14:00 How do YOU stay current on what you’re supposed to be representing (with technology moving so fast)?

15:00 Why the medical field is experiencing the same issues in falling behind on technology.

19:00 Who should be in charge of educating government and how does it happen around technology?

21:51 Can Alexa become out of control?

28:00 What are you potentially giving up by becoming an early adopter of technology?

32:00 Do you actually read the Terms & Conditions that you agree to?

35:00 Are Agile and MVPs actually a good thing?

41:10 The evolution of technology when it comes to ESports & Cryptocurrency

45:30 How Walmart is setting themselves apart

52:00 2019 is the Year of <> and why?