Innovation Calling: Embracing the Change in TV and Media

Peggy Dau of Mad Perspectives is on this week’s podcast and we were excited to talk all things New Media and how television as we know it is transforming.

There is no industry that’s exempt from the impact of innovation, and even TV is seeing the change in how people select their programming and consume content. Thanks to the creation of the smart phone along with data becoming more accessible, we’ve seen a major shift in this new phenomenon.

We talked about the shift in the way data is collected as we no longer have to make assumptions based on incomplete Neilson surveys. Now, thanks to tracking and big data, we can see first hand what customers are watching, in addition to how long they are watching it, where they are falling off, etc.

So how will TV as we know it, change? And how will the change as the data collected becomes more detailed and impactful and drives the content that we’re not curating?

We talked about all of this plus so much more.

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