Innovation Calling: Creating A Decentralized Machine Network With Helium

Connected devices is changing the way we gather data, track information, and basically, live every day life, but in order to do so, it requires constant connection to do so. And as consumers, we are at the mercy of things like cellular, WiFi, and Bluetooth, which as we all know can be extremely limited in range.

Helium is solving this problem by creating a decentralized machine network that will allow machines anywhere in the world to connect to the Internet and geolocate themselves.

Frank Mong is the COO of Helium, and he joins us on this week’s episode of Innovation Calling to discuss more about how he got involved with the company, and how it’s going to help create an opportunity for everyone to take advantage of IoT.


Well, the beauty of this technology is that not only will it make connecting devices easier, but it creates a two sided marketplace where the owners can capitalize by creating their own network (and getting paid via blockchain to allow others to connect).

We talked about how they are making this all possible and the impact that can have in how data is exchanged (and how we as consumers can finally be a part of it).

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