Innovation Calling – Corporate Security in Emerging Technology

Erin Banks has become the voice of security after taking control of her own career and creating her own personal brand and blog,  We’ve become a society where sharing has become far more than just caring, and is now a way of life. However, how much information is too much, and when should we hold companies more accountable for taking better care of what we are so freely providing to them?


Plus what should companies have in place when it comes to actually taking care of our data?


These are just a few of the topics we covered in this week’s episode. Here’s the official minute breakdown:


2:00 – A journey from engineering to sales to marketing, for real


5:00 – Why building your own brand can create a new path within your corporation


8:30 – How much sharing of information is too much information?


12:30 – How soon is too soon to release new products, and why is security sometimes left on the back burner?


12:35 – Alexa makes a return – Do we care that Amazon is listening to EVERYTHING?! What is the cost of convenience to us?


18:10 – What’s happening to our data? Are we making not just ourselves, but our entire government vulnerable by sharing everything?


21:30 – What will it take for us to realize how serious something like this could be?


22:00 – Why are we not holding the companies who don’t take care of our data accountable?


24:30 – What’s the line of when we should be concerned that we’re giving away every detail about our lives?


29:45 – Are we giving a free pass to corporations when there are security breaches? Why are we allowing them to be so lazy?


34:00 – Two questions every company should be asking themselves —> How strong is your foundation when it comes to a data breach in your data security? And do you have a plan for when something happens?


40:00 – Equifax is the perfect example of data breaches gone wrong and why we should be concerned, yet we’re not.


42:00 – Predictions for next generation of security


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