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Dominic Davies on Pink Therapy for LGBTQ & Other Sexual Health Issues

This week’s show addresses the importance of training therapists beyond cultural competency. Just learning the right pronouns is not enough! On this episode, Joe chats to Dominic Davies, a psychotherapist and clinical sexologist in the UK, who has become what some call, the Father of Queer Therapy in England. Dominic and Joe talk about the...

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Solving Complex Issues Through Gaming

In a world where gaming is not just a past-time, but a way of life, Robert Atkins of Balanced Media Technology, wanted to find a way to utilize the time and effort people put into video games for good. A veteran in the gaming space, Robert has been part of some of today’s most popular...

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Animal Talk – Cuddle Hotel – Episode 82

Jamie, Brian, Matt, and Sam chat it up at the Detroit Shipping Company. Sam has a great idea about a Cuddle Hotel. We have a Pateron page. Thanks for considering supporting us. Get the T-shirt now Animal Talk, it’s America’s Pet Show! Jamie Flanagan @DJJamieDetroit Brian Donovan Sam Nork Matt Fox

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Man Cave Happy Hour – Just A Taste Four Roses – Episode 41

Jamie and Matt at Ambassador Cigar, Mail Call, Jamie got a present from Four Roses. His welcome package from the Mellow Moments fan club for Four Roses. Then we give Four Roses a try. Home As always our friend Beth Underwood – Talk Bourbon To Me Home Jamie Flanagan @DJJamieDetroit...

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Storyteller Conclave – Episode 22 World-building pt. 5 : Geography

The discussion about world-building continues this week, as we broach the topic of creating the physical geography of your world. What is the overall scope of your world? How much detail do you need? Sara and Rob discuss the broad topics, as well as tips and guidelines for making your maps feel organic and lifelike,...

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Cosplay Confidential – Episode 62 Angelic Daze Cosplay

Join us as we chat with Angelic Daze about creating informational videos, choosing a focus for cosplay shoots, and cosplay mash-ups. Original music by Russell Kela. Keep creating, inspiring, and sharing the love! Check out our Ko-fi page to see how you can get a shoutout on an episode!

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Reasons Why I’m Single – Episode 172 Brunch Drunk Love

Chelsie has a second date with Captain America, along with some words for Facebook Dating. Check us out on Instagram @RWISpodcast

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The Good Reverend Jim – 28 – Opposite Sex Friends

We are all crazy in our own way. One of The Good Reverend Jim’s version of crazy is that he tends to have female friends. His Crazy Friend Ronnie and Jessica discuss the challenges of opposite sex friends.

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Lovelogical – DNA Not Required – Episode 38 Harsens Island Distillery – Perfect Place For A Date

IT’S A DATE – Lovelogical Parents! HARSENS ISLAND DISTILLERY, Harsens Island, MI is an outside of the box date experience. Michael Michaud, owner, will be our special guest on The Lovelogical-DNA NOT REQUIRED Podcast tonight on Lovelogical FB Live! Did you know? Harsens Island was the main corridor during Prohibition for bootlegged alcohol from Canada....

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Heard! Podcast – Episode 121 A Discussion about Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment in the restaurant industry is pervasive. According to a recent Harvard Business Review article, 90% of women and 70% of men report being harassed. I am joined this week by Melanie Mack, a bartendress, and my special co-host Sagen Isham of Working Class Outlaws. Our discussion starts with some facts about sexual harassment...

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Rachel Needle – Surprising Reasons Sex is Good for Your Health

This week’s guest on Smart Sex, Smart Love is Licensed Psychologist and Certified Sex Therapist, Dr. Rachel Needle. Together, she and Joe Kort talk about why it is so important for therapists to talk about sex when working with individuals or couples, how our biggest sex organ is our brain, how sex good for you,...

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Studying the Human Brain to Make Better Marketing Decisions

Overall, does technology actually help us or hurt us? More importantly how does it specifically affect our brains? It may seem like an impossible task to answer, or something that we will have to wait and see as we wait for this generation to grow older.   However, thanks to companies like Marketing Brainology, we...

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Liz Life Guru – Episode 14 Loving an Addict, to death

Guests Shannon and Neva will help explain the dynamics behind loving a person addicted to drugs and alcohol. This dysfunctional chaotic life will devastate and destroy families. Find your path out of this nightmare !

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S6 E1 | Adoption: The Caring Option?

Calvin, Kent , and Steve sit down with Dyann McDowell (Skype line), Jennie & Benjamin Ri egle, & Bob W altenspiel about being adopted, adopting children of their own, the disparity between adopting white children vs. black children, the hurtful/thoughtless things people say, dealing with family, and whether adoption should be used as a talking...

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S5 E14 | An Interivew with Jennifer Kinney

Calvin, Kent, & Steve sit down with antiracism activist Jennifer Kinney to talk about what her work involves, what that work looks like as a white woman who benefits from the system she’s attempting to expose, the difficult aspects of navigating conversations about race with other white people, and her “Food for Thought” dinners.

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S5 E12 | Politicking: How to Be Politically Engaged

Calvin, Kent, & Steve sit down with Nicole Bedi, Lisa Efros, MI State Rep. Jim Ellison , & Roslyn Grafstein to discuss the purpose of government, how and why they got involved in politics, the differences between local, state, and federal politics, how social media has impacted the political process, and what it takes to...

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Animal Talk – Drinking With Dogs – Episode 81

Jamie, Matt, and Sam are ‘Drinking With Dogs’ at the Detroit Shipping Company with Canine to Five. The whole evening was to benefit local Detroit Dog Rescue CHAINED. Plus we talk to Lyz from PupCraft. Lots of fun and games with the people and their pups at DSC. Home We have a...

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Man Cave Happy Hour – Foundation Cigars Nick Melillo – Episode 40

Jamie and our resident cigar Godfather Paul sit down with Nick R. Auga (Melillo) at Ambassador Cigar. We get Nick’s story behind the foundation of Foundation Cigars and the amazing array of sticks they currently have, including the Highclere Castle line (the actual Downton Abbey). Home As always our friend Beth Underwood –...

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Heard! Podcast – Episode 120 A Clowder of Bobcats

Last time we spoke with Matt Buskard, owner of Bobcat Bonnie’s, he was reopening the second Bobcat Bonnie’s in Wyandotte. Since Episode 56 in April 2018, Matt has reopened Wyandotte and has opened a new location in Ferndale and is about to open one in Ypsilanti. Opening one successful location is tricky, but what about...

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