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Smart Sex, Smart Love – : Cathy Saputo on Menopause/Perimenopause , Relationships & Sexual Health

This week, Joe is joined by Certified Sex Therapist, Cathy Saputo, from Saputo Counseling Services, and they’re chatting about perimenopause, menopause, relationships and sexual intimacy. Cathy wants people to know that perimenopause and menopause, does not have to be a negative experience. Sure, it can be challenging, especially when we are not informed, but it...

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Psyched By MG – Episode 11 It’s All About Moms! Ways to Cope With All the Stress Of The Pandemic.

Helping moms to fight burn out and understand the stress they are experiencing. Home – David R. Wright

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S7 E2 | Mother’s Day 2020

Calvin, Kent, and Steve sit down with their mothers to discuss the beauty of motherhood, the challenges of motherhood, and what is most difficult about seeing your adult children go off into the world. (Broadcast/Recorded May 10, 2020)

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Animal Talk – Adopt a Cat Tips – Episode 108

Jamie, Brian, Matt, & Sam along with Dr. Karen and Dr. Michelle from the Serenity Animal Hospital. Two guests today, first up is Dr. Lesa Staubus from American Humane talks about National Adopt a Cat Month and what you might want to consider when bringing home a cat (or two). Also checking in on the...

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Beer Tour Guy Podcast – Episode 35 – Founders Brewing

On the Beer Tour Guy Podcast Episode 35, Steve from Motor City Brew Tours talks with Natalie from Founders Brewing. Listen in to learn about all of the fun stuff going on in the Michigan beer industry.

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Berkley Local -Episode 7 – Catching Fireflies and Armadillo Printwear

Berkley Local is a podcast spotlighting businesses in the community. Episode 7 features April from Catching Fireflies and Jon from Armadillo Printwear. This show is produced by the Berkley Chamber of Commerce and sponsored by Downtown Berkley.

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Man Cave Happy Hour – Joe Louis Bourbon meets Joe Gransden – Episode 67

Tasting Tuesdays. These are open to the public and you are welcome to register and join us in the chat every week. Jamie & Matt chat with Michael Shoer from the Joe Louis team. Jazzing it up today with Joe Gransden live from Cafe 290 in Atlanta. Club owner John Scatena joins the covnersation as...

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Reasons Why I’m Single – Episode 203 Randos & Cupcakes

Chelsie & Staci are joined by Heidi Busche, speaker, relationship expert, and author of Relationship Ready: How I Stopped F*cking Randos and Started Cupcaking My Soulmate to get real deep on things. Her book is available on Amazon and Audible now!

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Another Page Turner – Episode 16 Working on that Night Cheese

Stefani and Tom catch up on their current projects, talk a little about the vendors they use for product, and discuss cheese for what could be way too long for a podcast.

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Knockouts and 3 Counts -Chris Van Vliet : Chris Jericho Story, Working with AEW, WrestleMania 18

We bring you 4x Emmy Award winning TV host Chris Van Vliet we chat about his amazing interviews along with wild stories like doing his interview in the back of the car with Chris Jericho in the back of a limo his John Cena interview and more

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Trash Pandas – Episode 1 First episode EVER!

Lyndsay and Lauren recap the newest season of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days as well as season one of the Netflix Original series Dead to Me.

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Tales From the Barside – Episode 26 The Angry Bartender

The Angry Bartender joins us to share some fun stories, and a few shots! What’s it like becoming a social media phenomenon, and how to remain anonymous? Hint *it helps to have a giant bunny mask*

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American Whiner – Episode 120 Troy Thomas

Troy Thomas talks Primitive State, music, coronavirus and other stuff

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Smart Sex, Smart Love – : ‘Reasons Why I’m Single’ girls, Chelsie & Staci, on Relationship Killers & How to Navigate Them

This week, Joe’s guests are co-hosts Chelsie & Staci from the comedy lifestyle podcast, “Reasons Why I’m Single” – a hilarious show revealing the struggles two 30 something Metro Detroiters have dating. These girls pride themselves on being open books! ‘Reasons Why I’m Single’ discusses the ups and downs (hint: mostly “downs”) and mayhem that...

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An Interview with Natural Health Consultant Robert Meyer-Kukan – Part 2

We continue our conversation with Rob Meyer-Kukan, owner and natural health consultant of 7 Notes Natural Health, located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Some of his arts include massage therapy, natural health educator, reflexology, Reiki, Essential Oils therapy and Vibrational Sound Therapy….to name a few! Last week Rob discussed the beginning of his spiritual journey with...

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Psyched by MG – Exploring COVID19 Stress for Men with Special Guest Jed Diamond

Well known author Jed Diamond PhD, LMSW and psychotherapists Marigrace Randazzo-Ratliff, David Wright, and Matthew explore stressors affecting men during COVID19 and key ways to cope. Special guest Jed Diamond wrote the books “Irritable Male Syndrome,” “Male Menopause,” “Enlightened Marriage,” and many more relating to men’s mental health. Jed Diamond: | David Wright:

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High Vibe Guys – Episode 14 James Johnson AKA Jimmy GoldFingers

James Johnson is an up and coming Detroit born and raised photographer. He’s caught iconic images of Drake and much of the hottest hip hop artist out. He’s a very humble man who walks us through his career and how Covid has impacted his path. Join the High Vibe Guys in a funny and informative...

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Berkley Local Episode 6

Berkley Local is a podcast spotlighting businesses in the community. Episode 6 features Luke from Toadvine Books and Bridget from Have You Any Wool.

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High Vibe Guys – Episode 13 Aisha Ellis

Aisha Ellis is a Mother, Drummer for the band Mollywop, Urban Gardener, Neophyte astrologer and more! Get some insight into this native Detroiter’s dynamic world with the High Vibe Guys on this episode.

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Urban Embodiment – Episode 14 Stay-At-Home order debate!

On this episode of UE Talk we bring in two people to discuss Gov Whitmer’s Stay-at-home order! Opposing the order we have Kristina Karamo and supporting the order we have Jenni Boyle! DEFINITELY worth listening to!

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Man Cave Happy Hour – Joe Louis Bourbon Tasting Tuesday and Gary Graff – Episode 66

Tasting Tuesdays. These are open to the public and you are welcome to register and join us in the chat every week. Jamie & Matt chat with Michael Shoer from the Joe Louis team. We connect to Establishment in Atlanta with Bartender Tom McGuire for some cocktial hisotry. We talk about the prospects of events...

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Reasons Why I’m Single – Episode 202 Kids and Their Answers about Love

We asked a bunch of kids ages 3-11 about l-o-v-e and their answers melted our cold single hearts.

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S7 E1 | Pornography: Harmless Fun or Hijacked Sexuality?

Calvin, Kent, and Steve sit down with adult actress Taylor Foxxx, trauma counselor Mark Kauffman, sexologist Dr. Joe Kort, and recovering sex addict April Patterson to talk about pornography use, whether one can be addicted to sex or not, separating fantasy from reality, pornography’s effects on male aggression, and moral ideas about sex and pornography....

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