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Knockouts and 3 Counts – Episode 96 Justin Mane

Justin Mane joins us to talk about his upcoming match at BCWA Take me to your leader , his budding acting career being in Jurassic World and more !

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Lovelogical – DNA Not Required – Episode 36 Karen Malsbury – Teacher With A Lovelogical Soul

Mrs. Karen Malsbury is a teacher in the Rochester Community School District for 17 years. She has served in the Business Department at Rochester High School for the past 15 years. She teaches primarily, Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Computer Operations, Web Development and Social Media and Work Based Learning. A passion of Karen’s is...

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Heard! Podcast – Episode 119 Leading with Kindness

Christine Anschuetz is the Pastry Chef at The Henry in Dearborn, MI. Christine attended culinary school in her 30s after leaving her job as a teacher. She has brought a lot of what she learned in teaching to her career as a chef. Her love of the culinary world is very evident. She chooses to...

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FashionCast – Michigan Fashion Summit Part I, Loren Hicks, Marv Neal, Alex May

Join Fashioncast at the Second Annual Michigan Fashion Summit for a day of fashion energy and excitement. In Part I of the podcast Christine and Mike interview the gifted, talented and always energetic Loren Hicks, Founder of Michigan Fashion Week and the Michigan Fashion Summit, about her background in the fashion industry, her motivation to...

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The Good Reverend Jim – Episode 27 Mom

The Good Reverend Jim is from a family of eleven children. Almost all of them became Mechanical Engineers, still live in the same county and manage to stay very close. This episode’s guest is a discussion with the great woman that pulled it off; The Good Reverend Jim’s mom, Genevieve (“Jenny”). Jenny and her late...

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Liz Life Guru – Episode 13 Ending the Past

The past is what haunts all of us for various reasons. In trauma, regret and lost opportunities. Today show will help you let go and move on to a better way of thinking and feeling.

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15 Minutes of Flame – Episode 7 Vibrate Higher

Dr. Vee Helene talks with Tafari K. Stevenson (Sankofa Mind and Body) and Toure` Akela (Southwest Atlanta Yoga) about mind-body practices that unblock and heal traumas, and awakens sexual energy. We also discuss National Expungement Week, the upcoming High Times Cannabis Bazaar in Detroit, MI and more! Home Home

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Women in Technology – How We Get To Where We Need To Be

What makes women hold back when it comes to not just starting out in STEM roles, but sticking with them? What do women need to know when entering a career in technology? How can women learn to support each other and being each other advocates vs. the opposite? These are just some of the things...

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James Wadley on Black Culture and Sex & Sexuality

My guest this week believes black culture and sex and sexuality is a people issue, rather than a race issue.  Dr. James Wadley, an Associate Professor and Chair of the Counseling and human Services Program at Lincoln University. He is also the founder and editor-In-chief of the Journal of Black Sexuality and Relationships. An expert on sexual...

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Animal Talk – Ash and Raimi Tom Savage – Episode 79

Jamie, Sam, & Matt invite into the Podcast Detroit Studios author and creator Tom Savage. HJe is the creator of Ash and Raimi a fun comic about the adventures of two amazing cats. Tom has also developed someboard games and so much more. We have a Pateron page. Thanks for considering supporting us....

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Another Page Turner – Episode 5 Godzilla and Other Films

Stef and Tom discuss some of their recent favorite films such as Godzilla, Ready or Not, and others. Some were not so great. See if you agree or disagree!

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Man Cave Happy Hour – Talk Bourbon To Me Old Grand Dad 114 – Episode 38

Jamie and Matt at home on the deck for ‘Just a Taste’. Ladies choice because we are joined by Beth Underwood author of “Talk Bourbon To Me” Beth shares some news from Kentucky and inspires us on a toast to 9/11 and the servicemen and firefighters that protect us. Beth called up Old Grand Dad...

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The Way Station – Episode 57-1

A quick update on the show and what we have been up to on our hiatus!

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Storyteller Conclave – Episode 19 World-building pt. 2 : Societies

World-building is a huge and complicated topic. One of the most important aspects of building an interesting world is societies, and the customs, politics, religion, and sub-factions that makes up the greater whole. After all, what is a world without interesting people to live in it? This week, Rob and Sara take a stab at...

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Lovelogical – DNA Not Required – Episode 35 A tribute to my moms Lovelogical Sisterhood

Tonight we are celebrating my mother, Phyllis Heard, who instilled my Lovelogical® heart. My special guest are a few of my mothers Lovelogical sisters children! Bill and Christina Swift and Keefer Virden. We will share our memories of our extended families before God breathed the concept of Lovelogical – DNA NOT REQUIRED into me. See...

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Knockouts and 3 Counts – Episode 95 The American Kaiju Lindsay Snow

The American Kaiju Lindsay Snow joins ya to talk Bloodsport 2 her match with Sumi Sakai tattoos Florida Man and more !

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