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Life Rules – Episode 002- What are you saying? How to be smart with your words.

Say Whaaaaat? Does it drive you crazy when you hear someone say a word or phrase wrong? Do you wonder if you are misusing words? It’s okay, we got you! Trying to sound smart isn’t always the way to win. In this episode, get on the right track for communicating clearly and pronouncing properly so...

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Beat the Buzzer – Episode 41 What a Time

We re-live Cardo’s graduation. KT let’s the group share his HOMEcoming experience. Also, we have some relationship scenarios for you. And we talk about some death

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The Sneaker Box – Episode 53 The Nike Kyrie 6 “Preheat” Collection

In this episode of TSB, Caesar, Geeno, Dunks, and Serena are in-studio with Caesar’s cousin Chene sitting in as a special guest. Let it be known that Geeno is habitually out of pocket. That’s it. There’s nothing else to add to that. We try to cop the new Nike Kyrie 6 that shock dropped on...

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Catching Up with Cal & Kent – 11:6:19, 1.08 PM

Steve is on vacation this week. So, Calvin and Kent sit down to catch up with one another. They discuss new movies and shows, Cal quizzes Kent on whether he could pass the U.S. Citizenship test, and they talk about the impeachment inquiry will go anywhere and if Jeffrey Epstein killed himself or not. (Broadcast/Recorded...

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S6 E4 | Start-Up: Striking Out on One’s Own

Calvin is on vacation this week. So, Kent and Steve sit down with entrepreneur Jay Rayford to talk about his business Social Sushi, what it’s like giving up a safe career to become his own boss, what qualities an entrepreneur should possess, and what he’d do differently if he had it to do all over...

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S6 E3 | Cancelled: A Debate about Cancel Culture

Calvin, Kent, and Steve sit down with cultural critics L. Michael Gipson & Anthony Holden to discuss call out culture, whether cancellation should be treated like prison sentences or time out, Dave Chappelle’s musings about cancel culture, Kevin Spacey’s cancellation, and what happens when cancel culture meets the political sphere. (Broadcast/Recorded September 6, 2019)

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S6 E2 | Abortion: A Woman’s Right or a Right to Life?

Calvin, Kent, and Steve sit down with Angela (Skype Line), Kati, Rick Goldberg, & Jennifer Moore to discuss Roe v. Wade, when life begins and whether that means anything significant, bodily autonomy, fetal heartbeat laws, and whether the legacy of Margaret Sanger ought to be canceled. (Broadcast/Recorded September 2, 2019)

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Liz Life Guru – Episode 16 Crack Cocaine and the Country Club Life

Both I and guest Jules grew up in a prestigious area of MI, Grosse Pointe. Hard drugs aren’t limited to urban and rural areas. Jules will discuss her dive into addiction, recovery and all the comes in between.

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Animal Talk – You Look Good On My Show – Episode 87

Jamie, Brian, Matt & Sam having Animal Fun on Animal Talk. We have a Pateron page. Thanks for considering supporting us. Get the T-shirt now Animal Talk, it’s America’s Pet Show! Jamie Flanagan @DJJamieDetroit Brian Donovan Sam Nork Matt Fox

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Smart Sex, Smart Love – Chris Wilson on Men and Body Image

Men are increasingly concerned about their body ideals, and yet, society generally minimizes these concerns or doesn’t acknowledge them We have a society of men who feel unable to speak up about these concerns and often sit with it, which causes them to have emotional distress which can result in depression, Body Dysmorphic Disorder, and...

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Cosplay Confidential – Episode 67 JP Cosplay

Justine from JP cosplay joins us in the studio to talk all things cosplay, princesses, and mental health. Stay tuned for a little something extra at the end of the episode. Original music by Russell Kela. Keep creating, inspiring, and sharing the love!

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Storyteller Conclave – Episode 27 Handling Divination

Many game systems offer the opportunity to divine the future for both dramatic and mechanical effect. Since Storytellers are rarely granted ACTUAL glimpses of the future, however, this can make for some sticky storytelling situations! Join Sara & Rob as they discuss how to handle divination! We also take some time to answer a few...

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Reasons Why I’m Single – Episode 177 ¿Por Qué Goose?

Chelsie plays trivia with a competitive date and Staci isn’t butt hurt, she’s butt curious. Check us out on Twitter @RWISpodcast

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Knockouts and 3 Counts-102 Gustavo Neri aka AB talks KSI Logan Paul 2 boxing landscape/AEW Full Gear

AB joins us to talk about his channel his work in the boxing game his thoughts on KSI Logan Paul 2 and AEW Full Gear

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Lovelogical – DNA Not Required – Episode 42 United2Fight…against human trafficking

Lovelogical – DNA Not Required – Episode 42 United2Fight…against human trafficking is our guest tonight on The Lovelogical-DNA NOT REQUIRED Podcast! United2Fight is a group of local business women/entrepreneurs who have come together towards a common goal while support each others businesses at the same time. It is truly a sisterhood!

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On the Up and Up with B – Episode 33 Chepisode

Today is our first annual chepisode (play on chefs and episode) we will have Top from premium taste catering joining us, as well as marques Alexander from marjon foods stopping in. You definitely don’t want to miss it

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The Good Reverend Jim – Episode 32 Friends that Disappoint

We all run into those situations where our friends disappoint us. What do you do? This show is more of a discussion than solutions. The Good Reverend Jim tries something different this week with his Crazy Friend Ronnie doing the show remotely via telephone. Evan and Jessica join in at the studio. The four discuss...

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Beat the Buzzer – Episode 40 Situations Arise

Fellas talk about the lives of John “Pops” Witherspoon & John Conyers. So many celebrations in the last week & coming up. We also discuss having your partner keep their ex’s name tatted on them & other “one off’s”.

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The Fight For 5G and the Real Threat to the US: Dependency on China For Innovation

What is America’s greatest national security threat? Our guest, (Ret) Brigadier General Robert Spalding shares his thoughts on the real threat to the United States: Increasing dependency and infiltration of the Chinese Communist Party into US technology and society, particularly around the 5G race. As devices are increasingly interconnected and social media has seeped its...

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