Heard! Podcast – Episode 67 – On the Ardbeg Bus

We take this episode on the road as we travel to Red Wagon Wine Shoppe in Rochester Hills to visit the Ultimate Ardbeg Escape Bus. This bus will be touring around the United States and started its journey in metro Detroit. David Weiss, Ardbeg’s brand manager, talks Ardbeg and all of its peaty goodness with us. We discuss Scotland, more specifically the Isle of Islay, and the role peated scotch plays there. Before we talk Ardbeg, though, Nick “treats” us to dinner. Thanks for listening! To follow where the Ardbeg Escape Bus will be next, visit http://ardbegescape.com. If you like what you hear, please subscribe and leave us a review. You can follow us on Instagram @heardpodcast and find our past episodes on the web at http://heardpodcast.com.