First Week of Operations In The New Building Complete

One week into operations in the new building, and things are going pretty well.  We had a full roster of shows, as well as a new show make its debut, test things out in the first studio that went live, and we’re working towards having studios 2 and 3 up and running by the end of this week…

13220633_1122068321168266_7742596992912835327_oWe’re still kicking the tires at the new place, but the basics are up and running.  We’ve got the eight-top studio from the old place up and running for shows to use, and we’re just waiting on a few last pieces of equipment and the acoustic tiles to show up before getting a four-top (studio 2) and another eight-top (studio 3) up and operational.

We’ve already had one new show join the mix, as Oh, But Wait went live this past Thursday, with more shows waiting in the wings for the new studios to be completed before hopping behind the mics and expanding our family of shows.

Remember, you can always catch the full list of our shows at:

You can see our live broadcast schedule at

Finding out how to listen to our shows is easy, and located at  …and please note that as we bring our new studios online, the information here will be getting updated, so keep an eye on that page in particular.

And if you’re curious about getting your own podcast up and off the ground, or even moving one you’re already doing to our studios, give this a read:

If you’re looking for something to do this Friday, the founders of our network will be celebrating the 3rd anniversary of their own IT in the D podcast at Stray Cat Lounge in Clinton Township with some scotch, cigars, martinis, and hopefully you joining to hang out, hop on a mic, and have some fun:

Shows from the past week: