Leading Questions: S1 E4 | Religious Response to a Violent World, Part 1

EPISODE TITLE: S1 E4 | Religious Response to a Violent World, Part 1

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Our Panelists:


Pastor Tim Holdridge, Cheri Wellman



Religious Response to a Violent World, Part 1


  1. What is the role of a Christian pastor or Christian minister in the community?


  1. What does a given week look like for someone who works as a clergyman?


  1. When news of a local tragedy breaks, as clergy, what are your first steps? How does this change if you’re not local to the situation?


  1. When it comes to violence in our world, do you believe clergy bear the responsibility to stop the lectionary or planned sermon and, instead, preach on a topic of national or local importance?


  1. There is a constant push/pull debate about the will of God, and what God allows vs. what He desires. What does Judaism/Islam/your denomination believe about tragedy and God’s role in it?
    1. How does your answer to this question inform how you comfort the survivors of tragedy? Does everything happen for a reason? Did God “allow” this school shooting or that train crash? How is faith in God maintained in these situations?


  1. When counseling after a tragedy, how much thought is given to psychological healing vs. the temptation to proselytize/convert?