Detroit City of Champions – The Story of the 1935-36 Red Wings. Part 9 : The Regular Season – Episode 32

Episode 32: The Story of the 1935-36 Red Wings. Part 9: The Regular Season

December 15th, 1935. It was on this date that the “City of Champions” story truly began. Prior to this date, Detroit was home to the World Series Champion Tigers. After this date the city was home to to the Tigers, the NFL Champion Lions, the Associated Press Outstanding Athlete of the year (Joe Louis) and the 1st place NHL Red Wings. Prior to this date, attendance at Red Wings games had dipped to 4,000 per game. After this date the Wings would continuously break their own attendance records. In today’s episode, Jamie and Charles explore the series of events which took place in the immediate aftermath of December 15, 1935 and how those events would lay the foundation for the city’s love of hockey.

We mentioned the news story that appeared on PBS Detroit Public Television about Champions’ Day and the Detroit City of Champions’ story.

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