Detroit City of Champions – Episode 8: “Play Ball!” – The Movie

Episode 8: “Play Ball!” The first MLB motion picture with sound – Made in Detroit

Did you know? That the first MLB motion picture ever made, was made in Detroit! “Play Ball!” was filmed in Detroit during the 1934 season. It was written and directed by Detroit Tiger legend: George Moriarty, financed by the Fisher Body Company and premiered at the Book-Cadillac Hotel on January 9, 1935.

Featuring some of the most iconic players in baseball history, Play Ball! was seen by over two million people in 1935, and then, like the rest of the City of Champions story, it was forgotten…

Today’s episode will herald the return of this incredible film. Jamie and Charles will be joined by Greg Russell from WDIV, WJR, and Movie Show Plus. The trio will discuss this movie and present several clips – none of which have been seen by the public in over 80 years.