Detroit City Of Champions Episode 5: “Heartbreak” – The 1934 World Series

“The Deans do things to the Tigers.” So said the great baseball historian, Fred Lieb, in his iconic book on the Detroit Tigers. The Dean brothers, Dizzy and Paul, did in fact, do some things. Along with the rest of the legendary St. Louis Cardinal “Gas House Gang” the swaggering Dean brothers would lead their team to the 1934 World Series Championship and break the hearts of a legion Detroit fans. That being said, the Tigers, nor their fans would simply go gentle into that good night. The team fought tooth-and-nail to the bitter 7th game end while a near-riot by the fans would prompt Commissioner Landis to make an unprecedented decision. In today’s show, Jamie and Charles will explore the dramatic conclusion of that 1934 season and how it set the stage for the glory of 1935.