Detroit City of Champions – Episode 4 The Original “Bad News Bears” – The 1934 Tigers

Hope. Joy. Excitement! For a generation of Detroiters toiling in the economic darkness of the Great Depression these three commodities were in short supply. Little could they know, however, that something amazing was about to occur. The 1933 Tigers were either too young or too old but the 1934 Tigers would be just the right age to bring the city its first American League Pennant in 25 years.

It has often been said that the 1934 Tigers were a “distraction” from the Depression. While this is certainly true it does not go far enough in explaining the mania which swept through the city. The 1934 Tigers were not just a distraction – they were an obsession. Why?

In episode 4 Jamie and Charles will begin to explore what made this very specific team so important to the people of Detroit.