Detroit City of Champions – Episode 15: Detroit Red Wing Drew Miller and the fans

On December 15, 1935 the Lions won the NFL Championship, Joe Louis won the Associated Press Athlete of the year award, the Tigers had already won the World Series, and the Red Wing moved into first place for the first time in years. All intersecting on December 15. The fans went wild. The City of Champions was being born. We talk about the fan and their role as the Red Wings take on the task of completing the big 3 championships that are the base of the City of Champions story. Joining us to talk about the fans is retired Detroit Red Wing Drew Miller. With a Stanley Cup ring and 8 seasons in Detroit Drew knows about the fan and the feeling from the players side. Catching up with Drew is fun we are sure he will be back for more. Catch up with him in his new role with KIG (Korotkin Insurance Group) as an agent.